A-RATING Services


Building Energy Rating

Building Energy Rating is an energy assessment on your property to determine how much energy is currently being used and how much you can save and at what price.


Energy Audit

An Energy Audit is similar to a Building Energy Rating but it is conducted on a building where a certificate is not required by Law. It is completed on buildings where the primary aim is to reduce energy consumption and save you money.


Air-tightness Testing

Air-tightness Testing uses a large fan to detect the amount of air-leakage in your home. This allows us to immediately identify how much leakage is occurring, plus indicate where your heat escaping and your money is being wasted.


Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging is a system which utilises a special camera that identifies warm and cold spots in a surface which instantly detects where the heat is escaping and also where your money is being lost.


Advisory Report

An Advisory Report is issued with each of the services above and recommends how you can improve the energy efficiency of your building. It is broken down into 3 categories And will show you the improvements to be made to your comfort, to your energy bills and to you and your familys healthy living by implementing these recommendations.

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